Quick Data Visualizations

There’s been a bit of press about “data visualizations” lately. Basically, following in the footsteps of the great Edward Tufte, people are beginning to catch the wave of graphic renderings of complex data sets. And, the internets being what they are, are now able to comb through pretty big chunks of information and produce some interesting (if inconclusive) images that can hip you to all kinds of interesting things.

One of my current faves is Wordle, a pretty simple interface lets you type in text or blog-url’s or websites and it trolls the content of those sites, and presents a “word map” that shows which words pop up the most by representing them in larger fonts.

You want to know who the 800 pound gorilla of social networking is? Mashable’s visualization makes it pretty clear.

You want to know the relative popularity of terms in Borges’ “The Library of Babel?” Check it here.

How about the US Constitution?

Wordle is just the latest fling in my ongoing love affair with data.


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